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Posted by Andy Durham on January 11, 2018 at 7:51 pm under High School | Be the First to Comment

A couple of games that have popped up over the past two days….Eastern Guilford boys 73, Southern Alamance 61/Eastern Guilford girls 48, Southern Alamance 39Alamance Christian School boys 58, Vandalia Christian 53

*****Updating our Top Ten Polls for this week…..*****
Boys Public School Poll:
1)Eastern Guilford(15-1)
3)Southwest Guilford(12-4)
4)Northern Guilford(9-4)
6)Southern Guilford(11-6)
10)TIE:Northeast Guilford(7-7)/Northwest Guilford(6-10)

Girls Public School Poll:
1)Northwest Guilford(14-2)
2)Northern Guilford(10-4)
4)Eastern Guilford(13-2)
5)Northeast Guilford(9-6)
7)Southwest Guilford(10-6)
8)TIE:Page(8-6)/High Point Central(9-7)
10)High Point Andrews(8-4)

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(19-3)
2)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-4)
3)Bishop McGuinness(15-1)
4)Piedmont Classical School(14-10)
5)The Burlington School(12-4)
6)Caldwell Academy(10-6)
5)New Garden Friends(9-8)
6)High Point Christian Academy(8-7)
7)Cornerstone Charter Academy(10-8)
9)TIE:Triad Math and Science(7-9)/Vandalia Christian School(6-10)

Boys Combined Poll with Public and Private Schools:
1)Greensboro Day School(19-3)
2)Eastern Guilford(15-1)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-4)
5)Bishop McGuinness(15-1)
6)Southwest Guilford(12-4)
7)Piedmont Classical School(14-10)
8)The Burlington School(12-4)
9)Northern Guilford(9-4)

Girls Private School Top Five Poll:
1)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-4)
2)The Burlington School(9-5)
3)Greensboro Day School(10-8)
4)Bishop McGuinness(8-6)
5)Caldwell Academy(4-7)

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