Does anybody know who won the Swann vs. Eastern Guilford Middle School football game yesterday/Monday??? Played on Tuesday and Swann wins it 30-6

Posted by Andy Durham on November 14, 2017 at 11:09 am under Amateur | Read the First Comment

We have Swann 30, Eastern Guilford 6 and thanks to Tim Holleman for the update/infp….

Big Middle School football game yesterday/Monday and Swann Middle was trying to close out an Undefeated season with a win at Eastern Guilford Middle School and does anybody out there in know who won that game/how it turned out?????

Let’s us know and we can post the results….That was a Big Game for both teams down at Eastern Guilford’s Tommy Grayson Field, on Monday….

  • TimHolleman said,

    they played today and Swann won. I believe the final score was 30-6.

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