A legend has left the building:Bob Harris has called his last game(“How Sweet It Was”)/Send us your thoughts on Bob Harris and his broadcasting career???

Posted by Andy Durham on March 20, 2017 at 11:48 am under College | Be the First to Comment

Send us your thoughts on Bob Harris:
1)Enjoyed his Duke Broadcasts of Football and Basketball.
2)Did not care for his work..
3)Never heard of him…

Bob Harris used to always say, “How Sweet it is”, and it was, with Bob Harris at the microphone calling Duke Blue Devils’ football and basketball….Bob’s last game, after 41 years with Harris at helm, came last night as Duke lost to South Carolina, in Greenville, South Carolina…

Harris led the Blue Devils’ broadcasts of football and basketball for nearly 1,990 combined games and this man put in his time and now he has decided it is time to step aside, and leave the games he loves…

Bob Harris will miss calling these games from Durham, N.C. and from all over the world, but after 41 years, Mr. Harris is ready to take some time off and take it easy…

Bob Harris busted his tail over the years and he never did it the easy way, this man traveled the long and winding road and he made it work and he worked his rear off, busting it for basketball and football and bringing the games to the fans by of the radio waves…

We wave goodbye to Bob today and say, “no doubt about it Mr. Bob Harris”, a job well done and the truth is, they just don’t make them like Bob Harris and Woody Durham any more…Those two are the true legends and among a generation that followed them on the radio, these men and especially today Bob Harris, these men will never be forgotten and they are rare fixtures that helped make the games what they are today….

Bob Harris, not time to rest in peace yet, but for sure, time to get some well-deserved rest for you and thanks again for the memories and for a job well-done….

CLICK HERE to see and read more on Bob Harris, the legendary sports broadcaster, from Duke University…..

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